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Selective Breeding Lease Program

How our Selective Breeding Lease Program works

This program is designed to kick start your Selective Breeding program.  Whether you have 1 or 500 breeding females, you can use our male on as many of your females as you want to, for the same price for 1 year.

When you lease one of our males, you get to keep the male at your farm for an entire year.  The benefits of doing this are:

  • No transporting your females for breeding
  • No drive by breedings that may or may not be successful
  • Ability to rebreed any female that lost the pregnancy
  • Lower stress levels for your females
  • Lower overall total costs to obtain breedings for your females

Terms and Conditions:

  • Monthly fecal exams must be performed on our male and the results sent to us.  If you perform your own fecal testing, that is fine.  If does not have to be done by a Vet/Lab.
  • Monthly weights must be taken on the male and sent to us.
  • Weekly Famacha Test must be done and sent to us.  (Famacha Test is very easy to perform and we can train you on how to complete).
  • Transportation is the your responsibility
  • If leasing one of our unproven males, and the male is unable to impregnate at least one of your females, all leasing fees will be refunded.
  • Female cria guarantees do not apply to any pregnancy resulting from the lease agreement

If, after the lease period has ended, you wish to purchase 1/2 interest in the male, any monies paid during the lease program (excluding transportation) will be applied to the total purchase price of the male. 

See our available Selective Breeding Packages:

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Monday, October 14, 2013